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Hello & Welcome started out in 2021 with the intention of being a sustainable home goods company. We thought about what a company would look like with sustainability and community as key values and pillars of the business, so not only do our products ensure environmental integrity, but we also want to build an inclusive community. Along with sourcing and offering second hand home goods, we also offer products and services offered by marginalized communities. 


About us:


Nicole is an English as a second language instructor at a local community college. She started teaching local Afghan women to read and write 15 years ago and has been serving the newcomer community in various roles since. Restoring furniture is a natural fit for her. She loves working with her hands and has been interested in carpentry since she was little. 


Yousef is from Syria. He came to Canada three years ago. He was a civil engineer in his country, but now he is learning how to start and run a business in Canada while working for Skip the Dishes. He loves spending time with family and friends and helping the newcomer community too. He is an invaluable member of the team as he brings a lot of experience and different perspectives to the business.  

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