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Custom Furniture

We work with you to find the perfect piece, in your budget, and refinish it to match your decor and style. We can transform pieces you already have to make them functional, or give them an update. Sometimes, we might find the perfect piece and give it an update to sell at retail.


We are committed to helping our planet, so we try to only use eco friendly products that are low VOC, and made from natural materials.

If you want a custom piece of furniture to match your style and needs, we can source a piece of furniture for you, or refinish one you already own. You are completely in charge. You get to pick the finish and special touches that are right for you. We will guide you in choosing:


  • The type of finish: stain and finish only, paint only, or wood stain and paint combination.

  • Hardware if would like to update it. 

And if you aren't sure, we can always send you inspiration.

All pieces of furniture gets a fine tuning. We check to make sure that there are no wobbles, the sliders on dressers work and slide easily, or add missing shelving to cabinets. 


We believe that vintage and antique furniture have proven their value by standing against time, and can continue to do so for many more years to come. We don't believe in fast furniture flips. We appreciate the beauty, quality, artistry and craftsmanship a vintage or antique furniture has, and we try to highlight that.

Let's talk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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