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This vanity celebrates antiques in a modern era. Age and marks of use are hallmarks of an antique dresser that has plenty of stories to tell. Pin and cove joints on the drawers date the dresser between 1870-1900. Topped with honed white quartz with dark grey veining for a lush matte finish, carrera marble knobs, and a custom dark smokey green colour for the base, this is a very unique piece in a form that’s very up to date. 



Alma 40" Single Sink Vanity

SKU: HW- Alma
  • Construction 

    • Made from an antique dresser from the 1870s to 1900s. 

    • The base was cleaned, repaired, and oiled.

    • Custom colour for the base in a dark, smokey green. 

    • Vessel sink, faucet, and pop up drain stopper included 

    • Faucet includes supply Lines(Hot & Cold) X 2, instruction, mounting hardware

    • Solid wood

    • 2 top drawers constructed to allow for plumbing while still allowing to be available for use. Spacious bottom drawer left intact. 

    • Heavily protected base with a generous top coating. 

    • Adjustable caps on legs for leveling

    • High quality white carrera marble knobs with black metal base. 



    • To protect the finish, do not use abrasives or household cleaners. Clean with a soft damp cloth with water only. 

    • For the quartz counter top, clean only with water and if needed a mild dishwashing detergent. Only use a soft cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasives, cleaning pads or household cleaners, or bleach. 



    • Sink will need to be fixed in place with silicone and sealed. 

    • Professional plumbing for installation recommended. 



    Counter top: 40” x 18” 

    Sink: 16.5inch (41.5cm), Max.Width - 13.3inch (34cm), Height: 5.7inch (14.5cm)

    Upper drawer interior: 13.25" D x 33" W x 5" H. 9" space to allow for pipe.  Functional drawer can be used for storage. 

    Middle drawer interior: 13.25" D x 33" W x 7" H. 9" space to allow for pipe.  Functional drawer can be used for storage. 

    Bottom drawer interior: 13.25" x 33" W x 7" H. Full drawer space to gap. 

    Base: 16 5/8" D x 38" W x 30 1/8" H excludes counter top. 

    Backing space to allow for plumbing: 9" W

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